Take a vacation (from your car!)

Our client, San Luis Obispo Car Free, got the attention of a reporter from Discovery’s Planet Green.  Read about the great time she had visiting the area and learn about the joys of (nearly) car free vacationing.

How did a reporter from a large media network get the idea to try a car free vacation in San Luis Obispo county? The same way the folks at the Sydney Morning Herald found out about the program before naming it #12 on their list of “North America’s top 20 experiences.”

(It’s been suggested that we change our name to Big Mouth Strategic Marketing.)



  1. Meghan

    SLO Car Free couldn’t have done it without Big Ear (Mouth) Marketing! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the program.

  2. Susan

    Thank you! It is a pleasure working with such great people on such a valuable program!