Why are people so afraid to talk about money? Money is a tool. Used correctly, you can build great things with it. Used incorrectly, you can destroy it, hurt yourself, or cause a lot of damage.

So, let’s step away from the emotion of it all and talk money. Some of our clients come to us with a lot of it. Some come to us without a lot of it. Our job is to get the best results possible using the money that’s available.

When we meet, we will ask you questions about your business plan and your goals. Not because we’re snoopy, but because we’re realistic. We need to help you plan your marketing. So, when we get to the part of the initial meeting where we ask about your budget, please don’t clam up. We’re not asking because we want to spend every penny you have. We’re asking because we want to help you squeeze the most value out of every penny you spend.

You really can get better results for less money with Big Ears Strategic Marketing.

We create a plan using proven money-saving strategies. A well-coordinated plan allows you to use your resources more effectively, reduce waste and maximize results.

The “low-hanging fruit”—certain segments of your market offer the most immediate prospects. We help you identify and reach them so you can get some business rolling in as you move forward with your marketing.

Our rates are much lower than typical agency fees. (The only reason we don’t put them here is because our web stats show other agencies are cruising our site and that kinda makes us shy about sharing our rates. We’ll gladly share them with you, though!)

We evaluate each project for opportunities to save money with vendors, contractors, and media providers.

We offer a Momentum Plan to keep things rolling smoothly, quickly and affordably. (See below.)

We accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) so you can move forward as your business is building.

What is the Momentum Plan?

The Big Ears Momentum Plan is offered to a limited number of clients each year. Basically, it’s a financial incentive so you’ll get moving and make progress. If you commit to a minimum of 8 weeks of services per year, we knock 20% off our hourly rate.

Why do we offer it?

We offer the Momentum Plan because many business owners have trouble staying on track with their marketing. Do you get too busy, get distracted, or start over-thinking your decisions? A financial incentive can encourage you to keep moving forward. Moving forward in a timely manner helps your business grow more quickly.

How can we offer it?

Spending 8 weeks or more with certain established clients each year allows us to spend less time on our own administration, outreach and business development. Working on your projects means we spend less time writing proposals, schmoozing, etc. It saves us money, so it should save you money. It’s that simple.

Why do we limit it?

We limit the number of clients on the Momentum Plan each year in order to allow us time for other clients. Not everyone needs us 8 weeks per year, but they still need us!