Big Ears offers strategic marketing consulting in San Luis Obispo, California and beyond.

Do you ever wish you could work with an experienced, trustworthy business and communications pro for a while without creating a new long-term position?

Now you can! Big Ears founder Susan Coward can come and work with you and/or your team for a minimum of one week on all kinds of important projects.

What kind of in-house work is Susan available for?

Marketing, public relations, social media planning and implementation, corporate communications, business development, general management and project management. (Did you know Susan doesn’t just do marketing? She has advanced certifications in management development and tons of management experience.)

Why would you bring her in?

  • You can count on Susan. She’s a responsible, skillful, discreet, energetic and savvy businessperson with excellent communication skills. (See what her clients say here.)
  • You need a secret weapon, brainstorming partner, or temporary in-house project ninja.
  • You want to establish, examine, reinvent, or fine-tune your brand and help find your organization’s voice.
  • It’s time to get moving on that thing you’ve been intending to do, but haven’t started yet because you weren’t sure where to start and/or didn’t have time to research it, plan it or make it happen. Yes, that thing!
  • You’d like help with an ongoing project that has grown bigger or faster than anticipated, or fallen behind.
  • Susan can help you see things in a new light.
  • She can get to know your (or your client’s) company, how it operates, and how your client or team members feel about it. You can use her observations and written recommendations to plan and implement improvements.
  • She can even fill in here and there to let a member of your team sneak away for a while or focus on something else. 

What industries does Susan work in?

A quick and energetic learner, Susan is comfortable in many industries. She has experience in technology (she speaks geek!) as well as hospitality and travel, food and beverage, real estate, senior services, professional services, manufacturing, construction and more.

What does Susan Coward do?

Some people aren’t quite sure what a marketing strategist and consultant does. Of course, there’s no single plan that’s right for all clients. But here’s a list of some of the common components used in successful strategic marketing. Susan makes sure the process goes smoothly and on time, bringing results that are on target. She’ll work with your staff or connect you with her network of outside providers for needed services, allowing you to assemble just the right team for each project and every budget.

Strategic marketing plans
Brand & image development
Social media strategy, planning and implementation
Identity packages
Identity integration training for employees & agents
Web site design and development (in collaboration with a trusted colleague)
Online discussion forum planning and implementation
Blogs (Yep, they’re still good for something!)
New media strategy and implementation
Collateral materials
Public Relations/Publicity
Industry relations
Media relations
Technical materials
Employee/Community/Member communication