You never know when inspiration will strike. This morning before opening the office, I wrote a rap song. Gimme a beat now. Here we go.

Oh, no, Tessa, say it ain’t true.

I stopped my chores to listen to you?

Turned off the vacuum, picked up the phone,

‘cuz you got a warranty for a car I don’t own?

You mechanical-voiced fake woman out there,

you blocked caller ID, to show you dare

to dis’ me big,

thumb your nose at da man.

I’ll narc you off, and you know I can.

But, Tessa, you agressa,

I’ll give you a break.

I was workin’ up a sweat with that vacuum snake.

I was huffin’ and a puffin’ to the second floor,

so you gave me a breather,

I could use five more.

But Tessa, the messa, it still be there,

so if you call again, you betta beware.