Kind words from amazing people who make Susan blush a little.

Susan Coward is one of the most organized, responsive, and creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work are inspiring and contagious, and I have always been able to depend on her to deliver the desired results – on time, and on budget.

Susan has organized several events for us, with a variety of moving parts, and she kept track of everyone’s needs and covered every one of the bases, often going the extra mile. She is efficient, a great communicator, and we always know we can depend on her to take care of everything.

Her promotions were excellent, seamless, and increased our local client base nearly 200%, as well as growing our online community. Susan has an excellent handle on social media, and her writing style is clear and engaging.

Susan’s interactions with both staff and clients have been positive, professional, and frankly, if we could keep her all to ourselves, we would!

Tamara Kelly

Susan is smart, scrappy, honest, knowledgeable, fun and incredibly savvy. After each conversation with Susan, I come away knowing more, fearing less, and feeling empowered to do what must be done – for that is where Susan shines; in her ability to listen to her clients, develop a well-thought out plan and then follow through by making sure she has armed them with everything they need (and more) to put that plan into action. I highly recommend Susan – she has integrity up the yin yang, a sharp wit to make it fun all the while and kindness to spare.

April Cole Worley
Marketing Wizard // Culture Savant

Susan Coward is a brilliant marketing strategist and she has my highest recommendation.

When she sits down with a client, she really listens to their needs, their professional story, and their ultimate goals. By doing this, she has an uncanny ability to determine unique connections between their brand and their customers that helps in developing a plan that not only successfully markets their product or service, but very often has the potential to enhance all aspects of their business. Her ideas have built strong customer loyalty and name recognition for businesses in a wide variety of industries and in every stage of development.

I am in the fortunate position to have worked with Susan both as a coworker and with her as my project manager. On the managerial side, she has always clearly communicated a project’s requirements and deadlines while remaining flexible and open-minded to ideas that might be more effective. Susan’s enthusiasm and positive attitude makes even the most difficult tasks seem effortless. She’s such a pleasure to work with. She is able to explain complicated or advanced topics to people of many different skill levels to keep everyone on the same page and projects moving forward smoothly.

Valerie Spencer
Trynd, LLC

Susan’s strategic thinking and marketing creativity makes her a pleasure to work with. But it take more than creativity for effective marketing, and Susan has what it takes. The first time Susan worked for me on a marketing campaign, we “bonded” over our love of writing: beautiful prose, perfectly punctuated, with outstanding clarity. Then I discovered she has sense of fun that adds extra pizzazz to her work. When we developed a project timeline, she stuck to it, managing all the players in the project to ensure everything was completed when needed. She’s a true professional.

Carla Swift
Assistant Vice President, Marketing
SESLOC Federal Credit Union

I first met Susan about 5 years ago when she was hired to compose the bios and content for a new website for the company at which I worked. We met for lunch and our conversation was very casual and easy–I left wondering if she actually got enough information about me to write a bio. I was so impressed when I read what she crafted–each person’s bio was unique and personalized, but the style and branding was spot on and cohesive.

She completely got who we were as a company–a different kind of business consulting firm with an approachable, multifaceted team. She was like us–easy to talk to and work with, professional, and maybe most importantly, fun! Through her writing, our website visitors were able to “get” us. It was a huge improvement from where we started.

She has a really great balance of creativity while not losing focus on the business goals of the writing. It’s more important than ever to have clever and interesting content the way people scan through websites so quickly. If you don’t engage visitors instantly, you lose them.

I would absolutely recommend and refer people to Susan without hesitation. She’s really fantastic!

Kaitlin Mikel King
Traditional & Online Marketing Mind │ Leader-styled Manager │ Resourceful Connector
Etna Interactive

At a time when KCBX Central Coast Public Radio was expanding its digital offerings and committing to greater online engagement with its listeners, Susan Coward helped the station step with boldness and confidence into the world of social media. Her deep knowledge, and easy way of explaining how and why things work they way they do helped immeasurably. She is a good teacher, and a lot of fun!

Marisa Waddell
Director of Programming and New Media
Public Radio KCBX

Susan is a very unique combination of integrity, talent, skill and ‘getting the job done!” She has very broad experience and is an absolute delight to work with.
Connect with Susan for your next project at the beginning and you’ll be well along the way on the path to SUCCESS!
Peter Houck
Advocate-Coach (President, CEO)
Haven Partners, Inc.

I met Susan years ago. When I got serious about my business, I contacted her to develop my website and marketing materials.

I really like my promo piece and when I hand it to people they want to know who did it for me.  Marketing people are especially impressed with her work.

Susan also has the ability to take in all of my enthusiasm and, occasionally, say no to me.  I value that a great deal.  And I appreciate all of her other skills.

Sue Prior
Seronda Senior Services
San Luis Obispo, CA

Susan is one of the most intelligent and well informed people I know. She is straightforward, tactful and hard working. She tells me what she thinks but in a nice way. If she says she is going to do something, she does it; I know I can rely on her. Susan has taken on enormous projects and pulled them off successfully by setting and keeping deadlines, engaging the cooperation of others and keeping the end goal in sight. People that work with her remember that she was the one that came through and got it done.

Jeanne Miller-Romero
Attorney at Law
San Luis Obispo, CA

Susan is professional, resourceful, dedicated and thinks well on her feet.

Katherine Johnson
Assistant General Manager, Public Radio KCBX
San Luis Obispo, CA

Susan sees the whole picture and quickly understands how to make it all come together! Her great insight coupled with her intense business savvy was the perfect combination for me.
Hollywood, CA/Chicago, IL

I wish I had even a fraction of Susan’s skills. She is so spot-on with words. She always knows how to say things just the right way. It is an awesome talent. I wish she could be my spokesperson forever. And if I’m ever on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” she’ll be my lifeline!
Dr. Glori Enzor, DDS
Sarasota, FL

Happy clients make us merry.

Happy clients make us merry.

Susan Coward, Big Ears Strategic Marketing, San Luis Obispo, CA
Susan Coward is an energetic and inspiring public speaker. In addition to business and service group presentations, past engagements include:

  • Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Sciences Conferences, three appearances, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA and Lockheed-Martin, Santa Maria, CA
  • Collaboration Forum, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Alliance for Community Media, National Conference, Tucson, AZ
  • Cuesta College Women’s Forum, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Alliance for Community Media, Western Regional Conference, Oakland, CA
  • Electronic Village Conference, 2 appearances, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Collaboration, LLC New Ventures class
  • Various radio and television appearances