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Sometimes we just feel like sharing.

Putting our money where our ears are.

Whenever clients ask us to help them evaluate an opportunity, we walk them through a list of considerations. We talk about exposure, opportunity costs, potential benefits, competition and all kinds of important things.

But sometimes, we sense a client’s passion in something and we set our questions aside and advise them to do something they feel good about.

We like to take our own advice. We donate time to non-profits.  (Hint: follow us on facebook to learn more about organizations we support.) Current recipients include the Central Coast Bioneers Conference and Central Coast Funds for Children.

We are proud to be the San Luis Obispo County Bike Coalition‘s newest Silver Level Bike Friendly Business. We believe in the work they do and would like to tell you a little about them.

Their bicycle education programs teach traffic psychology and techniques that empower and protect cyclists of all ages.

Their advocacy raises awareness and participation.

They provide a great place for cyclists to touch base and keep their machines in top shape.

And, of course, they offer the Bike Valet service at local events. Seriously, what’s not to love?

We encourage you to support the SLO County Bike Coalition by becoming a member. There are various levels for both personal and business membership.

Also, be sure to tell us you’re a member when we do business together. Big Ears Strategic Marketing offers a discount to those who support the SLO County Bike Coalition.

We love supporting local organizations, but we’re not doing it alone. Many of our favorite businesses are pitching in, too. And, of course, our loyal clients and the referrals we receive allow our business to remain strong enough to support these local organizations.

Thank you for your role in making San Luis Obispo County a great place to live.

Stimulate your Business

We have a new package that will save you a ton of money and get your business moving. You won’t believe the great deal we’re offering.

We call it the Momentum Plan. We’d go into the details right here, but it’s offered to no more than 5 clients per month and we don’t want to make anyone who doesn’t respond in time jealous.

We’ll just say it’s a very good time to stop wondering what you should be doing about your marketing. Pick up the phone. Call us. It’s time to create momentum. (805) 541-8566.

Okay, maybe one little hint: Up to 5 clients per month are eligible to save about 50% off typical agency fees.

Behold, the finished product

We got a new office chair from the neighborhood big box office supply. Total impulse buy. We’re all loving the product sheet that came with it. Its copywriters tried to get hip. Some of us heard angels sing when we turned to the page with the words “behold, the finished product” above a drawing of the chair. We beheld the simplicity of the illustration in respectful silence.

Then we busted up laughing and turned to the page that says, “Take a look at the diagram below. It’s packed with features that make it easy to fine-tune the comfort to meet your unique needs.”

First of all, the diagram is not packed with features. Nor is the chair. In fact, the only feature is a seat height adjustment lever, but the writers let the excitement continue to build nonetheless. “Just turn the page to learn how easy it is to adjust this chair for maximum comfort.”

We turned the page. We all read the instructions carefully, then took turns using the seat height adjust lever to fine-tune the comfort. The youngest among us took the chair for a spin. Now we’re fighting over who gets to keep the product sheet.