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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in marketing?

Follow this link for an inside peek at the marketing world. File under “nothing is sacred.”

The Shoemaker’s Child Checks In

Yes, it’s true, the shoemaker’s child does go barefoot. This blog is evidence. No updates in oh-so-long as we work to keep the blogs and marketing plans of others in top shape.

And for what does the child return? Fun, of course! In the form of a silly, salty, GMO-laden snack. But not just a snack. Bugles, the snack that’s also a game!

Thanks, AdWeek, for putting all this tasty goodness in one handy place.

Phone solicitor rap

You never know when inspiration will strike. This morning before opening the office, I wrote a rap song. Gimme a beat now. Here we go.

Oh, no, Tessa, say it ain’t true.

I stopped my chores to listen to you?

Turned off the vacuum, picked up the phone,

‘cuz you got a warranty for a car I don’t own?

You mechanical-voiced fake woman out there,

you blocked caller ID, to show you dare

to dis’ me big,

thumb your nose at da man.

I’ll narc you off, and you know I can.

But, Tessa, you agressa,

I’ll give you a break.

I was workin’ up a sweat with that vacuum snake.

I was huffin’ and a puffin’ to the second floor,

so you gave me a breather,

I could use five more.

But Tessa, the messa, it still be there,

so if you call again, you betta beware.

Not to say, “I told you so,” but…

I love it when people I respect believe the same things I do. Guy Kawasaki explains the importance of feedback.

And the winner of the Super Bowl is…

Watch the commercials and vote for your favorite on hulu.

Behold, the finished product

We got a new office chair from the neighborhood big box office supply. Total impulse buy. We’re all loving the product sheet that came with it. Its copywriters tried to get hip. Some of us heard angels sing when we turned to the page with the words “behold, the finished product” above a drawing of the chair. We beheld the simplicity of the illustration in respectful silence.

Then we busted up laughing and turned to the page that says, “Take a look at the diagram below. It’s packed with features that make it easy to fine-tune the comfort to meet your unique needs.”

First of all, the diagram is not packed with features. Nor is the chair. In fact, the only feature is a seat height adjustment lever, but the writers let the excitement continue to build nonetheless. “Just turn the page to learn how easy it is to adjust this chair for maximum comfort.”

We turned the page. We all read the instructions carefully, then took turns using the seat height adjust lever to fine-tune the comfort. The youngest among us took the chair for a spin. Now we’re fighting over who gets to keep the product sheet.

Design by Committee.

There’s a reason we’re not a big corporation. We’ve seen how some of them work. But, just in case you haven’t seen it for yourself, here’s a little peek…