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Did I see you on TV?

I was out with a friend recently when somebody mentioned they’d seen him on the news. How did my friend, with a brand new business and a limited budget, end up in so many living rooms? Listen to this month’s podcast to find out.

All aboard.

Here’s why strategic marketing includes informing and involving every member of an organization.

“Advertising doesn’t work,” she said.

Susan Coward of Big Ears Strategic Marketing presents “$.02 in Two Minutes or Less” for March 2009.

This audio essay explains that some businesses might not be getting their money’s worth out of their advertising…but they could be!

Planning an Appearance?

This month’s podcast from Big Ears Strategic Marketing offers a few tips to consider when planning your next public speaking engagement.

January “$.02 in Two Minutes or Less”

This month’s audio essay by Big Ears Strategic Marketing discusses the importance of respecting methods and processes… even when you have a killer idea.