Today started bright and early with a 7am meeting. A client wanted me to meet one of her clients because she thought he’d benefit from our help. It was a great meeting.

I did walk away with a new client, but that’s not what made it so great. The best part was seeing the relationship between our existing client and our new client. It was obvious that they really respected¬† and cared about each other. They wanted to help each other. They openly shared their praise and appreciation.

I didn’t walk into that meeting to make a sale. I went because someone I like working with wanted to help someone else. She didn’t want to help him because he is her client. She wanted to help him because he is a good guy and she is nice.

I’d heard her talk about him enough to know that meeting him would be a good experience for me. Not because he might hire me, but because I believe that connecting with honest, genuine business owners is always valuable. We hit it off and are looking forward to working together.

Being invited to see and become a part of their relationship is a great honor. It tells me my existing client trusts me and believes in what I do. It tells me that she sees the value of the services I provide. And seeing the way my clients work together reinforces one of the most overlooked marketing secrets of all: Good business starts with good people.