There is a great Italian restaurant less than five blocks from Big Ears headquarters here in the Happiest City in America. They have excellent food and a renowned chef. It would be a great little place to take clients for a quick, impressive meal. But we don’t eat there.

Why? Because the owner of the restaurant speeds through our neighborhood in his giant, very well-branded truck. He is always (really, always!) holding a cell phone to one ear and he never (really, never!) comes to an actual stop at the stop signs.

He is famous throughout the neighborhood for endangering pedestrians, school children and other drivers.

We thought it was only fair to let him know that these habits are affecting his business.  (Of course, these things are also illegal and putting lives and property at risk, but we thought once he understood the other repercussions, we wouldn’t have to “go there” with him.)

So we picked up the phone to give him a jingle. We were willing to take the time and energy to give him some important information about his business. After all, he spends lots of money on advertising and printing coupons. We were certain he’d appreciate a free business boost.

But when we called the number, we entered a voice-mail nightmare. Many buttons to choose from, but no options that appeared to meet our needs. We weren’t catering a party or any of the other things we could get information about. It was just too much work.

So we hung up. And each time we see him coming down the street, we all look to see if the cell phone is at his ear and if he rolls through the stop sign. In these things, sadly, he hasn’t disappointed.

What things could be affecting your business without your knowledge? Does everyone driving a company vehicle understand their actions can impact your bottom line? Does your location have an employee smoking area in view of customers? Do employees go out on the town and cut loose still wearing their staff uniforms?

Take time to notice. Other people do!