Month: July 2009

Mid-Day Mingle in SLO Today!

The monthly Mid-Day Mingle is a fun, casual way to meet local business people. We eat, we talk, we laugh, we connect. We hope you’ll join us.

Tuesday, July 14th at the Graduate in SLO from 11:45 until 1 or so. (2nd Tuesday of each month)

We will stop the action and do an “official” round-table introduction at 12:03, so if you want to meet all the people you’re dining, laughing and schmoozing with, make sure you don’t miss that portion of our mingle.

Please invite your friends, colleagues, coworkers and contacts. No RSVP needed.

Be there or be square. And you’re way too hip to be square… aren’t you?


P.S. This event has been organized on You don’t need to be a CCT member to mingle monthly, but you might consider joining. It’s a fun way to keep your finger on the pulse of SLO County (and it’s absolutely FREE!)


Phone solicitor rap

You never know when inspiration will strike. This morning before opening the office, I wrote a rap song. Gimme a beat now. Here we go.

Oh, no, Tessa, say it ain’t true.

I stopped my chores to listen to you?

Turned off the vacuum, picked up the phone,

‘cuz you got a warranty for a car I don’t own?

You mechanical-voiced fake woman out there,

you blocked caller ID, to show you dare

to dis’ me big,

thumb your nose at da man.

I’ll narc you off, and you know I can.

But, Tessa, you agressa,

I’ll give you a break.

I was workin’ up a sweat with that vacuum snake.

I was huffin’ and a puffin’ to the second floor,

so you gave me a breather,

I could use five more.

But Tessa, the messa, it still be there,

so if you call again, you betta beware.